Meat Product Processing Suite

Processed meats are a key component of many prepared consumer foods. In order to remain competitive, manufacturers must innovate to create products which are healthy, safe, convenient, natural and sustainably produced. The PCFC Meat Processing Unit has a high level of adaptability, providing a wide range of equipment of varying capacities for different applications. A suite of humidity chambers combined with in-house smoking facilities allows for the development of fermented meats with unique flavour profiles and extended shelf-life. The cured and processed meat equipment is flexible and facilitates various protein types and end products, ranging from traditional slow-cured pork to sous-vide pulled beef. Adaptable packaging capabilities allow for testing of MAP and skin packaging solutions. In addition, the presence of multiple small-batch systems facilitates concurrent trials during formulation and process optimisation. This enables processed meat manufacturers to develop new products more rapidly and costeffectively in response to evolving challenges and trends.

Updated: December 15, 2020 — 3:45 pm